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Welcome To City Pattern Shop, Inc

Serving the Northeast United States we have earned the reputation for being the first company to call for foundry patterns, tooling and prototypes. We work from in-house and customer provided CAD files and 3D models as well as hard copy drawings for castings of any size from ounces to tons. Our state of the art wood and metal shops using the latest in CNC tooling allows us to provide with precision:

  • Wood and Metal Patterns
  • Epoxies and Urethanes
  • Matchplates
  • Shellboxes
  • Models and Prototypes
  • Layout and First Article Inspection Parts


Examples of our work include:

  • Single and Double Suction Pump Patterns & Coreboxes
  • Iron Boiler Section Parts
  • Single and Loose Vane Impeller Patterns & Coreboxes
  • Aluminum RIM Injection Molds
  • CNC Machined Patterns & Coreboxes
  • Motor Cover Patterns
  • Aluminum Bearing Frame Patterns
  • Sand Reclaimer Liner Patterns

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